March 25, 2019 Monthly Board Meeting The EXibit
6:00 PM - 7:45 PM

  • ●  Ed Cepiel, President

  • ●  Ray Grossi, Vice President

  • ●  Rose Grossi, Treasurer

  • ●  Caroline Cummings, Secretary

  • ●  Karl Buhle


  • ●  Minutes were approved.

  • ●  Treasurer’s Report was accepted as presented and placed on file for review.Old Business

  • ●  Rental​--The group discussed rental space fees. Rose motioned and Caroline seconded that a rental fee would be a minimum of three hours at $200 with each hour after being $50 to cover staff.

  • ●  Grant​--As requested, Rose determined that the cost of the front half of the facility is 3050 sq ft for a cost of $7/sq ft, which includes rent and utilities. The back portion of the space is 4230 sq ft for a cost of $5.75/sq ft. The front half for annual cost is $21,350 and the back half is $24,322.50.

  • ●  Music​--The group discussed the purchase of the sound-board from Arizona. It will cost between $400-500 to ship it. A 50/50 raffle will be held each OMN to raise funds for the shipping. The sound board is worth between $3000-4000.

  • ●  Art Shows​--For all art shows there was a discussion about how to announce People’s Choice (at 7:45 pm). At the NHBPS, place awards will be announced at 7 pm.

  • ●  CCM​--The Cult Classic show requests a donation of $3 per person or $5/family. The group discussed having another one June 1 and have it be Rocky Horror Picture Show. Make the time at 8 pm and focus on a more campy atmosphere for that event.

  • ●  JAS​--The group discussed some changes to the fall JAS. The price would change to $25 for two JPEGs for early entry (7/1-7/31) and switch to $35 after August 1. There was discussion about what to call it. “The EXibit Annual Art Exhibition--Everything but the kitchen sink?” There would be ribbons for catergiries potentially. People’s Choice would drop to $50. First place is $400, $200, $100 and $50 for PC--total $750. The group will work on a sponsor to put a book together of entered artists and bios for winners. Deadlines Discussed were 8/26 deadline; 9/2 submission week; 9/23 art delivered; 10/11 gala reception. Four weekends exhibition;

  • ●  Liberty Arts Festival​--the group decided to do a stamping animal project.

  • ●  Imaginarium​--Anne Marie Hudson agreed to teach it again and sent her ideas via Facebook

    messenger. The age groups would be 6-10 (9-11 am) and 11-14 (1-3 pm) M-F that week. There was a discussion of the cost for the event, whether it should be $95 (Walmart marketing model)

or $100. Anne would receive 50% of the first five attendees, minimum four attendees unless Anne chooses to still teach. Then a per participant rate after that. Caroline will bring a table next meeting.

New Business:

Each board member stated goals for the next year:

  • ●  Karl’s niece, Melanie, came to talk to the group about grant writing. Caroline will work with her

    to send information as well as grant fund requests. Melanie mentioned that we need to focus on outcomes and need serviced tracking. Also focus on program impact such as the community needs and responses--what we do and why.

  • ●  The group discussed attending the Give Grundy meeting on April 11 at noon. Caroline said she could attend. They would like us to join for an exchange of the use of the soundboard once a month for their podcasts. Caroline will come back with a summary.

  • ●  Caroline motioned to order generic business cards without specific board members on them. Rose seconded. Motion carried​.

  • ●  The group decided to establish a veteran’s art competition for November. Karl will seek a sponsor to cover prizes, etc. (at least $1500 to cover prizes, ribbons, gala, and booklet). The deadline for entry is 9/30. There was a discussion of how to incentivize early entry. Maybe all the early entries can be placed into a raffle for an art supply gift certificate covered by the sponsor. The group discussed calling it the Warrior Show.

  • ●  The group discussed having a Cornfest link on our Facebook page so that we would be promoting that art show. Should have a LAF link as well.

  • ●  The next CCM will be June 1 and will be Rocky Horror.

  • ●  Caroline will reach out to an artist, Martinez, who contacted us for a chance to put together a

    Bob Ross style brush and brew. There was a discussion about having a t-shirt as part of it and a

    costume contest for a raffle gift of a BnB or another similar workshop.

  • ●  There was a discussion of putting a koosie together for sale after more funds are secured.

  • ●  Ray will put together a logo for OMN for koosies.

  • ●  Caroline discussed the new log book she put together to track attendees and participants to help

    with grant evaluation. The group agreed to put the information in the book.

    Action Items:

  1. Caroline to create a simple teacher contract.

  2. Do the same for music lessons.

  3. Caroline to create a rental form.

  4. Ray to make Imaginarium logo for youth programming (use Artie?).

  5. Ray to provide logo for Veteran’s Show.

  6. Ray to make a logo for OMN.

  7. Ray to provide Caroline structural components for roof.

  8. Caroline to make sure membership winners get cards.

  9. Cara to input artist cards from LAF (ask Rose).

10. Caroline to email upcoming events every Friday.
11. Caroline to get all artwork on Instagram.
12. Caroline to put all posters and put events into Chamber website weekly. 13. Caroline to get gala prepped for NHBAS.

  1. Rose and Caroline to meet to finalize program funds allocated and spent by program after

    an event.

  2. Rose to put together posters for Rocky Horror CCM, Imaginarium, Veteran’s art show,

    and Fall JAS when logos done.

  3. Ed to work on video sound system for OMN.

  4. Ed to set up forms for Veterans and Fall JAS show.

  5. Ed add Cornfest and LAF link to website.

  6. Ed to work on a postcard using origami.

Calendar of Events

  • ●  Saturday, April 27 @ 6:30 pm--Classic Cult Movie Night--”Young Frankenstein”

  • ●  Tuesday, April 23 @ 6:15 pm--Monthly Board Meeting

  • ●  Friday, May 3 @ 7 pm OMN

  • ●  Friday, May 10 @7 pm--BnB for Morris Public Library

  • ●  Monday, May 20 @ 6:15 pm--Monthly Board Meeting

  • ●  June 3-7--Imaginarium Kids Camp

  • ●  Friday, June 7 @ 7 pm OMN●

    NEXT SCHEDULED MEETING: Tuesday, October 23 at 6:30 pm

    Free membership drawings​: Teri Shaw--January
    Ashley Tondini--February Anna Moore--March

    James Schuster--April Paulyn Ward--May
    Allison Mitchell--June Jeanine Parris-Calogero--July --August

    D’Anna Gugherty--September --October
    Brenda Ericson--November --December

    Coleen O’Neill--800 Facebook Like

Classic Cult Logo and April 27 poster Imaginarium logo; poster