January 27, 2020 Monthly Board Meeting The EXibit
6:00 PM - 7:45 PM

  • ●  Ed Cepiel, President

  • ●  Ray Grossi, Vice President

  • ●  Rose Grossi, Treasurer

  • ●  Caroline Cummings, Secretary--Absent after 6:30 pm

  • ●  Karl Buhle--Absent

  • ●  Bob Engle--Absent


  • ●  Minutes were approved as corrected.

  • ●  Treasurer’s Report was accepted as presented and placed on file for review.


    Art Shows

  • ●  Art Shows​--

  • ●  The EXibit Members Show​--

  • ●  Art Organizational Shows​--no news

  • ●  JAS​--no news

  • ●  Warrior/Vet Show​--no news

    Community Organizations

● #GiveGrundy​--The poster needs to be completed. Need photos to be sent to Eric Fisher.


  • ●  Rental​--no news

  • ●  Roof​--no news

  • ●  Equipment​--A kiln and pottery wheel are available to be donated by Steve Lutz. ​Ray motioned

    to accept the donation. It was seconded by Becky. Motion carried.


  • ●  Community Supporter Drive​--no news

  • ●  Donation​--no news

  • ●  Grants​--

  • ●  Fund-Raising​--​Caroline stated that she was contacted by Linnell DePung because she wanted to

    donate a special guitar her husband had purchased. She stated it was worth $3500. The group discussed how to develop a fund raiser using the guitar. Caroline would contact Mrs. Depung accepting the guitar and/or obtain photos of the guitar. The board discussed printing 200 tickets at $20 each for the guitar. Each board member would try and sell 35. Ray also mentioned he would try and get River Road Trio to perform and autograph CDs. They have a connection to


Mr. Depung through a parent also playing with Depung’s band int he 1970-80’s. Mr. Depung’s band had a large impact on the music scene in the area, so the group decided to try and make that connection for people. Discussed July 10 date with at least 90 days in advance to sell the tickets.


  • ●  Hardware for more hanging wire ordered.

  • ●  Swinging doors should possibly be taken off and directional lighting be installed back there with

    and more hanging hardware used for this space.
    Instructors​--​Albie says students at U of St Francis have expressed interest in teaching art classes. The group discussed interest in the following classes: basic skills (draw/Paint), acrylic paint, watercolor paint, kids’ summer camps. The group also discussed the need to develop a template outlining what each instructor neds to do such as a syllabus,provide day/time that works for them/ meet with staff personally to discuss


  • ●  CMC​--No news

  • ●  Liberty Arts Festival​--no news

  • ●  Art Crawl​--no news

  • ●  Imaginarium​--no news

  • ●  Open Mic Night​--​No Open Mic night on 7/3/2020 (4th of July eve)

  • ●  Workshops​--​The group discussed ordering large jugs of paint with pumps as a more economical

    choice for acrylic paint. ​Karl motioned for ordering “primary set” and “secondary set” and

    pumps. Rose seconded. Motioned carried​.

  • ●  Life Drawing​--Shayne will operate this workshop. The group discussed promoting it more.



Production and Music

● A table was found for the room and moved in. ​EXibit’s first podcast is tentatively set for the second 2nd week of February and will be 15-30 minute length. Ray to make outline of topics to stay on track and give ideas of what to talk about.

New Business:

  • ●  Board​--​Karl Motioned and Ray seconded having Cal’s design and generic thank you notes. Motion carried​.

  • ●  Chamber of Commerce Membership​--​Rose stated that the Grundy Chamber of Commerce membership was due. Karl motioned to renew the membership. Ed seconded. Motion carried​.

    Action Items

  • ●  Should have a LAF link as well.

  • ●  There was a discussion of putting a koosie together for sale after more funds are secured.

  1. Caroline to create a simple teacher contract.

  2. Do the same for music lessons.


  1. Caroline to create a rental form.

  2. Ray to make Imaginarium logo for youth programming (use Artie?).

  3. Ray to provide logo for Veteran’s Show.

  4. Ray to make a logo for OMN.

  5. Ray to provide Caroline structural components for roof.

  6. Caroline will make a contract for the art shows from art groups so details are understood between The EXibit and the group.

  7. Caroline to make sure membership winners get cards.

  8. Caroline to email upcoming events every Friday.

  9. Caroline to get all artwork on Instagram.

  10. Rose and Caroline to meet to finalize program funds allocated and spent by program after

    an event.

  11. Rose to put together posters for CCM, Imaginarium, Veteran’s art show, and Fall JAS

    when logos done.

  12. Ed to work on video sound system for OMN.

  13. Ed to set up forms for Veterans and Fall JAS show.

  14. Ed add Cornfest and LAF link to website.

  15. Ed to work on a postcard using origami.

Calendar of Events

  • ●  Saturday, January 31--Cult Movie Classics @ 6:30 pm, “The World Greatest Athlete”

  • ●  Wednesday, February 10 @ 5 pm--Kid’s Valentine Canvas Painting

  • ●  February 12 @ 6 pm Goat Lady Valentine Art

  • ●  February 13 @ 6:30 pm Life Drawing

  • ●  February 14 @ 6 pm Middle School Art Show Gala Event

  • ●  Wednesday, February 15 @ 2 pm Digital Camera Workshop

  • ●  Friday, February 21 @ 1 pm Grundy County Health Department workshop

  • ●  Monday, February 24--Board Meeting at 6 pm

  • ●  Wednesday, February 26 @ 6 pm Digital Camera Workshop

  • ●  Friday, February 28 @ 5 pm Zentangle for Teens

  • ●  Monday, March 2 @ 5 pm Artistic Kids March Madness

  • ●  Friday, March 6 @ 5 pm Artistic Lens Photography Club

  • ●  March 31 @ 6 pm Improv Class

    NEXT SCHEDULED MEETING: January 27, 2020 @ 6 pm

    Free membership drawings​: Teri Shaw--January
    Ashley Tondini--February Anna Moore--March

    James Schuster--April

Paulyn Ward--May
Allison Mitchell--June
Jeanine Parris-Calogero--July --August
D’Anna Gugherty--September --October
Brenda Ericson--November --December
Coleen O’Neill--800 Facebook Like --March


Classic Cult Movie general poster Imaginarium logo
Warrior Art show logo and poster Fall JAS logo and poster

OMN logo